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After sending the application form, I will contact you within 24 hours. After making contact, you must choose an online meeting time in order to get to know each other’s needs better.

You book a 20-30 minute online meeting through the Calendly application, where I get to know your needs and your current situation better. If You need help, I will help you in granting access.

You will send access to the platforms discussed during the meeting, so I can complete the audit in the next few days.

After the accesses arrive, I will perform the audit on the respective platforms within 2-3 working days. I will present the summary of the audit to you in the framework of a reporting meeting.

The results of the audit and the questions that arise will be discussed in detail.

In the event that I assess that I can do better and more efficiently than the current structure, I will offer you an offer. If not, we wish each other good luck.

In case of acceptance or rejection of the offer, the audit is a free service for those participating in the promotion.